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Catherine shall linger no longer to argue with the low ruffian - I have humoured her enough.
said I, putting my small elbows on the table to argue the point.
Oh no he won't," said my guardian, making his pocket-handkerchief-point, with perfect confidence; "I should like to see him argue the question with me.
But still thy words at random, as before, Argue thy inexperience what behooves From hard assaies and ill successes past A faithful Leader, not to hazard all Through wayes of danger by himself untri'd.
Had not the arrival of the Grand Master been so unexpectedly sudden, he would have seen nothing at Templestowe which might have appeared to argue any relaxation of discipline.
Then, breaking off restlessly, and smiling again, she said: "Oh, don't let us argue.
I think you are wrong, Basil, but I won't argue with you.
Anna Maria was about to argue the point, when all at once there began to be other sounds up above--the rasping noise of a saw; and the noise of a little dog, scratching and yelping!
Do you mean to say," said Lady Muriel, "that these manikins of an inch high are to argue with me?
You are too ridiculous (said Augusta) to argue with; perhaps however you may in time be convinced that .
Father lost three steamers in succession by remaining in Paris to argue with me.
Then we would speak of this publisher and of that, comparing the generosity of one with the meanness of another; we would argue whether it was better to go to one who gave handsome royalties or to another who "pushed" a book for all it was worth.