argue the point

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If you were at both checks it will be difficult to argue the point after the event.
The civil liberties brigade may argue the point but any scumbag who invades the home of a pensioner and assaults them deserves everything they get.
Today, we are united in our belief that we should remain in the EU but I have stopped attempting to argue the point with friends who hold an opposite view.
I did not argue the point and continued my journey.
You can argue the point, but American culture has changed by an avalanche of 11 million Hispanic and Asian immigrants.
If Di Canio is a fascist, then I reject his views with a passion, and I am happy to argue the point with him.
But you would be in a better position to argue the point if you had been forthright in the first place.
He added that if somebody is trying to argue the point that Playboy is pornography, then you probably shouldn't be showering or going to a museum where there's nude art, saying it's very hypocritical.
I would not normally argue the point but I need my licence and no criminal record for work.
Unfortunately for her embarrassment quota, she had me with her: somebody who was prepared to argue the point with a very, very large bouncer on the door of this newly-opened establishment.
When you receive a particularly negative response, such as "Doctors should never be sued," take the opportunity to draw in other jurors to argue the point for you.
But it will be a surprise if any track in these days of wall-to-wall racing comes out and publicly announces that this race-wrecker is not welcome as there just isn't the time or inclination for them to argue the point.