In the course of the argument.

When the phrase in arguendo is used by a judge during the course of a trial, it indicates that his or her comment is made as a matter of argument or illustration only. The statement does not bear directly upon the remainder of the discussion.

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prep. Latin meaning "for the sake of argument" used by lawyers in the context of "assuming arguendo" that the facts were as the other party contends, but the law prevents the other side from prevailing. Example: "assuming arguendo" that the court finds our client, the defendant, was negligent, the other party (plaintiff) was so contributorily negligent he cannot recover damages. In short, the lawyer is not admitting anything, but wants to make a legal argument only. The word appears most commonly in appeals briefs.

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‘by way of argument’.
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(132) Even assuming, arguendo, that secondary patents make up the lion's share of patents in IPR proceedings, and assuming that these secondary patents are obtained after the venture funding stage, it does not necessarily follow that the invalidation of secondary patents will have a de minimis impact on upstream innovation.
"Nonetheless, assuming arguendo that disparate impact claims are cognizable under M.G.L.c.
"Even assuming arguendo that accused Napoles was the one who conceived the scheme, the fact is, it was accused Estrada who was in control of his PDAF and not accused Napoles.
(112) In the context of HFCs, even assuming arguendo that President Obama's CAP could be considered an executive order, it only instructed the EPA, and by extension, gave the EPA permission to use the SNAP portion of the CAA to remove HFCs from the safe alternatives list; it did not empower the wholesale regulation of HFCs.
But granting arguendo that his ballots were indeed 'intact' does not necessarily negate the 'better remedy.' Verily, a resort to ballot images could speedily settle the threshold issue and, at the same time, guide lower courts in quickly deciding cases in this digital age without resorting to the snail-paced processes of a bygone era.
Arguendo 1, 8-10 (2017), 85-Geo.-Wash.-L.-Rev.-Arguendo-1 .pdf [] (explaining how the Court's gutting of formal rulemaking reflected unfamiliarity with the legal conventions at the time of the APA).
Legal jargon (aforesaid, arguendo, hereinafter, and null and void) may suggest an intention to confuse and not clarify issues.
Assuming arguendo that the appraised value of the assets is between $380,000 to $410,000 as described in the 2007 Appraisal and the 2009 Appraisal, respectively, and the total liabilities of Black Bear, Inc.
Finally, even if it is assumed arguendo that violations of
The script for the company's 2013 play Arguendo, for instance, was taken verbatim from a Supreme Court trial about the rights of erotic dancers.
Assuming arguendo that the apparatus of the state court system found guilty of these crimes only those who actually committed them, (12) these criminals should not be freed at all, by anyone.
The Board assumed arguendo that Nazon had established proprietary rights in Sexstrology as a mark for astrological horoscopes, and treating the mark as highly suggestive rather than descriptive and entitled to a narrow scope of protection.