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Per honestiores autem et instructiores in lege Domini et in sanctorum Patrum sententiis verbum Domini censuimus proponendum in schola nostra fratribus et amicis, cum praelatorum vero licentia et veneratione debita, per idoneos et instructos in sacra pagina fratres, qui potentes sint in sana doctrina arguere gentem errantem et ad fidem modis omnibus trahere et in gremio sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae revocare.
Arguers are not trapped within war metaphors, and do not have to shoulder the burden of pushing their interlocutors to believe what they believe; they may simply offer observations based in acknowledged perspectives, closer to the original Latin arguere, "to make clear.
49, (OPh, II, 58): "Contingit arguere de nominibus impositis ad significandum figmenta quia, tam illa quam singularia, licet faciant species in virtute imaginativa, non tamen in intellectu.
2) Argumentation (from the Latin arguere, "to make clear") is a general term for a process that aims above all for clarity.
A given interpretation must necessarily be argued with care (from the Latin arguere, to make clear); after all, important issues are at stake.