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Instead of seeing innovative solutions that better fit the facts, arguers see only the facts that fit their favored solution.
From this study, we have seen that Chinese students preferred roles, such as executive, global, conservative, and oligarchic, while also playing supporter, arguer, questioner, and challenger.
This attempt to get at the inner workings of arguments, making their mechanics (whether behavioral or cognitive) explicit, allows theorists and arguers alike to better analyze and critically assess the probative merits and persuasive operations of argumentative acts.
Moreover, "All arguers are persons and all persons are capable of (though not necessarily skillful at) engaging others in argumentation" is analytically true.
For instance in (4), obviously, which was far more frequent than evidently, operates as a mitigator, lessening the forcefulness of the claim advanced by the arguer, otherwise strengthened by the repeated use of certainly.
It also avoids the subjective/objective controversy by positing that arguers and arguments embody and express both personally and culturally generated values and elements.
It is unsound also because it relies on the falsehood, implied by the conclusion of the mutual recognition argument, that arguers must recognize the truth of some norms.
Arguers for the tax also claim the exemption is fundamentally unfair to consumers because only those with Internet access, a credit card and a home or workplace where they can accept daytime deliveries are able to take advantage of the tax benefit.
This view of argument that perturbed Dewey was very close to Brockriede's (1972) notion of arguers as seducers or rapists.
Namely, reactions toward other arguers were significantly more frequent in PT than in CT, whereas reactions toward the way or manner the arguments were formulated were more frequent in CT than in PT, thus confirming our predictions.
80), arguers and managers should have the adequate knowledge and skills (Petress, 2001, p.
Virtual arguments; on the design of argument assistants for lawyers and other arguers.