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Remind the garage of this and, if they're still arguing the toss over the subject, call the OFT (0845 7224499) and report them.
There is, however, a big difference between arguing the toss on such a significant issue through a mere newspaper column - and which readers have powerfully followed suit in the adjoining letters section - and Bush and Blair bringing out the full might of their pro-war propaganda machines shamelessly, and perhaps shamefully, employing the ghost of 9/11 as an excuse to do so.
There was a time when we prided ourselves on sportmanship but now the win-at-all costs ethos has spread from the professionals to the parks players and arguing the toss has become the norm.
Like the early stages of Britain's Got Talent, it would allow us to see childish individuals - some with no discernible talent - arguing the toss.
Of course they were arguing the toss over the size of their respective squads and about who had the most experienced team.
As climate change takes us down an uncertain route into the future, with environmentalists and climatologists arguing the toss about what is causing it and how we can slow down its effects, British vine growers are increasing in number and acreage as every year passes, taking advantage of the progressively milder winters and supposedly warmer, longer summers.
The fact that highly paid and important people in Britain's most landlocked city should be arguing the toss over who thought of a beach first is of course absurd, but does add to the general gaiety of life.
At both Arsenal and Bolton we were very fortunate not to concede goals at quickly taken free kicks while we were busy arguing the toss at the Emirates and George Boateng picked up a first booking (which was to prove very costly later on).
One hackney driver admitted that he was so fed up arguing the toss with abusive drunken adults - not kids mind and as many women as men - that he was quitting in the New Year for something a little more sedate.
As you get older these things tend to matter less and you lack the energy to be bothered arguing the toss, even Germaine Greer must concede that though women have come a long way we are still very far from equal.
IT'S hard to believe but some people are arguing the toss with naming Brian Laudrup as Player of the Year.