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IT'S hard to believe but some people are arguing the toss with naming Brian Laudrup as Player of the Year.
Scientists have been arguing the toss for years, but there's no real evidence.
25pm Andrew Buchan and Alun Armstrong wearing tights and arguing the toss in an 18th century courtroom.
We should go the whole hog and have a special theme night on Boro TV with local celebs arguing the toss and advocating their favourite candidates passionately.
Until such time as a jockey knows he will be had up for failing to ride out to the post, regardless of whether it will affect his finishing position, then we will be regularly treated to the unedifying spectacle of jockeys breaking the rules and then arguing the toss with the stewards.
Shell Res, FC Pensby and newcomers Grange Athletic are currently arguing the toss for the other promotion spot.
Two years later, lawyers and litigants are arguing the toss over a multibillion dollar business.
So while I was arguing the toss with the Department of Health I smugly reached for my EU card to prove just how ridiculous the system is.
The leaflets, the handshaking, arguing the toss with all and sundry, and the thrill of the chase are all intoxicatingly exciting to me.
ST LOUIS and New England have been arguing the toss over whether the Patriots
Arguing the toss over the ethics of freezing human eggs or whether the West should involve itself in ending the bloodshed in Kosovo can be a rewarding and ultimately bonding experience.
But there's little point arguing the toss with a supermum in protecting the-brood mode.