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Controversial; subject to argument.

Pleading in which a point relied upon is not set out, but merely implied, is often labeled argumentative. Pleading that contains arguments that should be saved for trial, in addition to allegations establishing a Cause of Action or defense, is also called argumentative.


adjective belligerent, characterized by argument, combative, contentious, dialectical, disputatious, dissentient, eristic, eristical, factious, given to controversy, litigious, logomachic, logomachical, petulant, pilpulistic, polemic, polemical, pugnacious, quarrelsome
Associated concepts: argumentative denial
See also: analytical, contentious, discursive, disputable, dissenting, forensic, hostile, insistent, litigable, litigious, negative, petulant, polemic, pugnacious, remonstrative
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Argumentative analysis papers are also called persuasive papers.
being a she enterin"The housemates are all boring and very argumentative and need someone with a great spirit to get them going
Section 2, "Contextual Research on Argumentative, Aggressive, and Conflict Communication," the longest section of the book, with 12 chapters, offers a look at contexts and problems ranging from grammar school, high school, and university settings to cyberbullying.
They include: writing vertically; argumentative writing, which relies upon citing textual evidence to establish, counter, and prove a claim; real-life situations; and linking reading to writing.
As part of social and communicative interaction, being truthful and persuasive are two central communicative goals of an individual expressing their personal point of view and making an argumentative proposal on a given issue in spoken or written communication.
Sara is described as an outrageous flirt with a short fuse and argumentative.
When all members participate you create a bonding or a "processing as a team," and this positive peer pressure keeps any single member from going rogue in taking too much power, making too many decisions, or becoming argumentative and disruptive.
I quote the title of Amartya Sen's book, "The Argumentative Indian," and tell students that the cultural and democratic virtue of all-talk, all the time, on any topic - domestic and international - will continue to constrain its economic progress.
French cognitive social scientists Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber's (2011) study, published in the journal Behavioral and Brain Sciences, examined the function of humans' ability to reason and advanced an argumentative theory of reasoning.
Taking into consideration the central role played by argumentation in children's culture, comparative studies regarding the relative contribution of peer talk and children-teacher talk to children's argumentative discourse at kindergarten are relatively scarce.
This college textbook, which aims to improve the study and practice of communicating reasonably under controversial circumstances, offers specific lesson objectives, such as providing an overview of argumentation, explaining the role of resistance and context in argumentation, relating argumentation to dialectics and rhetoric, and presenting a mindful dialectic approach to argumentative communication.
That enjoyment can sometimes be lively; it can be loud, perhaps argumentative.