argumentative person

See: disputant
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Sometimes these reminiscences lead to an argument; for it has been the fate of my life to become attached to argumentative persons.
I didn't argue when they said I could stay if I could stand because I'm not an argumentative person.
I'm not an argumentative person and find it hard to confront people about difficult things.
I've even turned into a bitter argumentative person and can't hold down a relationship.
He disputes ever propositioning Ms X for sex, saying: "I am an extremely argumentative person.
He never stops talking, has the loudest voice in the world and is the most argumentative person I've ever come across, and I thought I was argumentative until I met him.
I'm not normally an argumentative person - but on this occasion this struck me as unfair.
Do not get into a quarrel with an argumentative person, or incite with words.
I'm an argumentative person and am quite difficult at times - but I'm not afraid to ask for help.
253), all of which are skills an argumentative person would be likely to use.
THE only downside to C4's Come Dine With Me is the one argumentative person in every group.
I'm a very argumentative person and I discovered you could make a living out of arguing with other people.