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Moreover, while an extensive literature is devoted to the reception of the ontological argument in Bonaventure's theology, to say nothing of Aquinas's reading of it, (4) Bonaventure is not typically understood to have developed a Christology out of Anselm's unum argumentum.
On the topic, see Alessandro Medri, "Anselm's unum argumentum and Its Development in St.
In this paper, the author will be first concerned with defining, describing and explaining the concept of judge's knowledge; then, the paper will discuss the cases in which the judge's knowledge can by nature be regarded as an adequate argumentum in terms of the stages of judgment.
Examination of The Dutch Courtesan's fabulae argumentum reveals the playwright's intention to expose and excoriate hypocritical attitudes toward women to explain there is not much "difference betwixt the love of a courtesan and a wife" within the social context.
Angesichts der Theorie uberraschender ist es zu sehen, dass dasselbe auch von argumentum / [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Liberalis kihivasra adott konzervativ valasz was published in 2008 by Argumentum Kiado, Bibo Istvan Szellemi Muhely, Budapest.
necessary for practical moral and political debate; argumentum in vacuo
trebuie sa remarcam preferinta actualului presedinte pentru argumentum ad verecundiam.
A year earlier, and inhabiting a far lower intellectual level than Lang occupied, Virgil Thomson--the New York Herald Tribune journalist and apparatchik--found himself provoked by Sibelius's Second Symphony into argumentum ad verecundiam mode:
Volume 6 also has three significant additions: first, there is Ficino's Argumentum in platonicam theologiam, which the editors tell us was "presented to Lorenzo de' Medici sometime after 1480" (273), as a retrospective reflection on and summary of the complete, yet still unpublished Platonic Theology, which Ficino had substantively completed by 1474 but did not have printed until 1482.
The argumentum e contrario then would be that beyond that market share a
the narratio and argumentum to be the two essential parts of dispositio.

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