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We are pleased that Opec has decided to move to Argus as its exclusive supplier of price data across all energy markets," Argus Media chairman and publisher Adrian Binks said.
A leader in mobile health and fitness technology, Azumio's Argus unites its lineup of apps into one flagship platform.
Car manufacturers using the Argus Cyber Dashboard gain situational awareness to the cyber health status of their fleets, receive pin-point alerts and respond in real-time to cyber attacks.
The AVX month-ahead price appears in a new weekly east coast Australian markets page launched in Argus LNG Daily.
They bring extensive experience and expertise on the fertiliser and fertiliser raw material markets, Argus Media's CEO, Adrian Binks, noted.
There's no doubt that the Argus lost something after former owners Jim Ewing and Walter Paine sold it in 1981 and Ed DeCourcy retired.
Up until 2003, the Argus was still being done old school--cutting it, waxing it, pasting it onto columns," French said.
Caribbean Panulirus argus samples were randomly selected from the samples examined by Silberman et al.
Energy Argus is a member of the Petroleum Argus Group, a provider of energy and transportation news and analysis with offices in Singapore, Moscow, London, New Jersey, Washington, D.
According to Greek mythology, Argus had one hundred eyes, for which he was called Panoptes.