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The scientists are therefore calling on national and county governments to mainstream climate change in policy development, implementation and ensure that coordination of programmes are better placed to support sustainable land use, planning, drought mitigation interventions, and suitable land tenure forms in arid and semi arid lands.
At the international recognition of Arid Varsity, the Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof.
The studies were carried out by a team from the Japanese University of Tsukuba with the assistance of the biotechnology center of Sfax, the biotechnology center of Borj Cedria, the Institute of arid zones, the University of Sousse, (ENIS) and the National Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology (INNTA) in Tunis.
Climatically, except for the northern part, most of Pakistan is arid or semi-arid; however by virtue of a well-developed irrigation system, the problem is confined to deserts and hilly areas that do not receive irrigated water.
Researchers and experts will exchange views on research projects in order to reach recommendations to solve the water problems in arid areas.
Muscat: The International Water Conference 2016, "Water Resource in Arid Areas: the Way Forward," organised by the Water Research Centre at the Sultan Qaboos University, commenced today under the patronage of Ahmed Abdullah Al Shehi, Minister of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources.
However, for ecosystem maintenance and introduction of innovative crops and livestock management in the arid and hyper arid areas in the light of impending climate change impacts are considered important," he said.
The project outcome is expected to help increase rainfall in the UAE and other arid or semi-arid regions.
Damascus, SANA- Ministry of Agriculture, the Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands (ACSAD), and the Spanish Anti-Hunger Organization (ACF) discussed on Wednesday means to enhance cooperation between them.
This title examines the various lines of evidence from geology, biology, and archaeology that have been used to reconstruct climatic change within the arid and semiarid lands of the globe.
The project provides for the valorisation of bio-resources in semi-arid and arid land to achieve regional development, said Zayani who attended the meeting along with the Minister of Higher Education.
Al Ain Zoo's annual photography and videography competition is calling young enthusiasts to take their best shots and videos of arid land, wildlife and their zoo experience until the end of May.