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7B) suggests an effect of high temperatures associated with aridity on the evolution of leaf morphology in several species of Chuquiraga of the southern dade.
Space, itself the product of incorrigible aridity and hence more or less permanent, continues to suggest unrestricted freedom, unlimited opportunity for testings and heroisms, a continuing need for self-reliance and physical competence (Stegner, 1992, 111).
Key words: air pressure; aridity; Austrian Alps; cloudiness; Hawaii; leaf energy balance; plant scleromorphy; potential transpiration; tropical mountains; vertical rainfall distribution.
Lichens are the great survivors in extreme conditions of cold and aridity; only a few species of vascular plants have a comparable ability to survive.
His spiritual aridity is likened to a medical burnt-out case--a leper who is in remission but who has been eaten up by his disease.
The enormous open spaces, the aridity of the region, the ways in which people make their living, the large amounts of federally owned land represent only a few of the differences.
To Kaynes's more daring generation he appeared timid; and although his preoccupation with philosophical definitions seemed to concur with the later dominance of linguistic analysis among the logical positivists, this was by no means a promising sign, given the aridity of that discourse.
Brydges, the Hudson's Bay Company land commissioner, publicly emphasized the region's aridity. More to the point, the study lacks an analysis of the spirit of progress, the confident belief that man, science, and technology could conquer the most hostile of environments.
A father and son find that their romantic yearnings lead only to aridity in Le Desert de l'amour (1925; translated as The Desert of Love, 1929); the family circle is further examined in Le Noeud de viperebts (1932; translated as Vipers ' Tangle, 1933).
This enhanced land warming is also associated with increased continental aridity," explained first author Robert Allen, an associate professor of earth sciences at UC Riverside.
This project will address this disagreement, providing robust analysis of existing data across a gradient of aridity and a range of plant types in a dryland region that contains the highest density of existing monitoring sites in the world.
The aridity of the desert is juxtaposed against the barrenness of the protagonist Sundri and water against fertility.