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In his final collection of essays, Where the Bluebird Sings to the Lemonade Springs, Stegner reiterates what he considered to be central tenets of the American West and of its literature: the importance of land, scale, and aridness.
It is the aridness of the country that Leads to the lack of food and hence the wide-ranging territory of the individual beast.
The cool rational thinking world becomes a dead world, a world which lacks life and vitality, where intellectual formulation and the aridness of scientific enquiry are expected to provide a meaningful justification for living a life.
Overgrazing has left parched and barren deserts in areas that were already struggling with aridness.
Within this steel framework, lightweight and corrugated and flat-seam metal siding responds to the aridness of the desert and prevents heat buildup within the wall cavity.
ByNGEuL (CyHAN)- Identified with snow, many parts of the eastern territories suffer from aridness in this winter.
Some five years ago, as a resident of the city, the stories one heard of the Telangana districts was about their underdevelopment, aridness and social disconnect with the rest of Andhra Pradesh.
A long time ago, Somalia would now and again pole-vault into my obsessive recall, with its miragey aridness forming instantaneously into a vapory realness, and its thorny trees puncturing the air mattresses of my nightly visions.
What of the deep travails of depression and faith that impel Melville to the Holy Land, a trip described in a travel diary that, in Kazin's well-chosen excerpts, is haunted by the aridness of the place: "Desert more fearful to look at than the ocean.