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of Percentage Methods Authors (%) Arithmetic Mean 15 14.
SEM 50/25/10/15 partition scenario (of dust/yard/neighborhood/community soil) with arithmetic mean IRs (aveIR) for ages 6 months-9 years, including 95% CI, are compared with current Integrated Exposure Uptake Biokinetic (IEUBK) model IRs and Exposure Factors Handbook IRs (ages 6 months-6 years only) (U.
p] is reduced to ordinary weighted harmonic mean and ordinary weighted arithmetic mean for p = 1 and p = -1, respectively.
Now, the algorithm accuracy ([theta]) will be defined by the arithmetic mean of the length of the weight interval:
ANOVA was used to determine whether the difference between the arithmetic means and computer use period is significant, and Scheffe test was employed to determine the differences between the groups in terms of stages of education.
1]: We suppose that arithmetic mean of social network utilization frequency by finding new business contacts and job opportunities from the point of view of male is not equal to arithmetic mean of social network utilization frequency by mentioned purpose from the point of view of female and at the same time we assume that the difference between them, if it exists, is not caused only by coincident variation of selection results.
The stark differences between the federal and private-sector wage distributions indicate that following the standard approach of estimating a log-linearized wage model would lead to an inaccurate comparison of the arithmetic mean of wages between the sectors.
Analysis of variance (ANOVA) is widely used in practice to compare group means and the arithmetic mean is used for necessary calculations.
According to the statistics from TX Investment Consulting, of the 9 public fund companies managing assets of over RMB100 billion by the end of the year, as compared to the full-year active equity investment performance (Calculation of Arithmetic Mean NAV Growth Rate of Comparable Active Equity Funds Excluding Sector Funds in 2013), E Fund topped the list by the overall NAV growth rate of 20.
To do so, the UNDP computes an inequality measure A = 1 - g/[mu], where g is the geometric mean and [mu] is the arithmetic mean.