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PRECEDENCE. The right of being first placed in a certain order, the first rank being supposed the most honorable.
     2. In this country no precedence is given by law to men.
     3. Nations, in their intercourse with each other, do not admit any precedence; hence in their treaties in one copy one is named first, and the other in the other. In some cases of officers when one must of necessity act as the chief, the oldest in commission will have precedence; as when the president of a court is not present, the associate who has the oldest commission will have a precedence; or if their. commissions bear the same date, then the oldest man.
     4. In. the, army and navy there is an order of precedence which regulates the officers in their command.

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[73] Let [mathematical expression not reproducible] for j [member of] [I.sub.n] and [] be the SVTN-weighted arithmetic operator. Then, their aggregated value by using [] operator is also a SVTN-number and
The fuzzy generalized triangular ordered weighted arithmetic operator, denoted by FGTOWA, is the mapping FGTOWA : [??][([0, 1]).sup.n] [right arrow] [??]([0, 1]), such that
Our new findings show that learning symbolic arithmetic operators to enable addition and subtraction is possible with a miniature brain.
ZM also provides a Fortran 90 module that defines three multiple-precision data types and provides the interface routines for overriding arithmetic Operators and intrinsic Fortran 90 functions.