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A heavy war spear which he sometimes carried in one hand and again slung by a thong about his neck so that it hung down his back completed his armament and his apparel.
Light as this armament was in comparison with the smallest gunboat that ever sailed, it was sufficient for them to outfight as well as outfly the German monster airships.
His own method of fighting seemed best fitted to his build and to his armament.
The dangers, however, were greatly reduced through the medium of my armament.
It was as much injured by its charges in fitting out an armament against the Spaniards, during the time of the Armada, as by the fines and confiscations levied on it by Elizabeth for harbouring of priests, obstinate recusancy, and popish misdoings.
The whole question of improved armaments has been approached by the governments of the earth in a spirit of nervous and unreflecting haste, whereas the right way was lying plainly before them, and had only to be pursued with calm determination.
Many speakers to the House the other night in the debate on the reduction of armaments seemed to show a most lamentable ignorance of the conditions under which the British Empire maintains its existence.
The remaining parties soon completed their several armaments.
You came from a country where he must be very much talked of, and I know that his armaments against France greatly engage the attention of your friend the cardinal.
Under the documents, Russia has delivered armored vehicles, missile and artillery armament, air defense systems and the associated military equipment, he stressed.
He said that ARDE was established in 1974 under DGMP, MoD to develop armaments stores for three services to achieve the goals of indigenous development of armament.
As RPAs continue to evolve and become even more predominant in warfare, and PGMs all but replace unguided munitions in the vast majority of kinetic strike applications, a window has opened to introduce greater commonality and easier sustainment utilizing the latest technological innovations to perform electronic functional test and armament test to ensure maximum mission effectiveness.