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Koepnick is an armaments cooperation manager for the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, International Affairs, Headquarters U.S.
* Tehran has continued taking huge armaments shipments from Putin's Russia.
In his congratulatory message, Admiral Vladimir Korolyov stressed the importance of the tasks facing signalers and electronic specialists of the Russian Navy in the period of its supplying with new samples of equipment and armaments, ships and submarines of new generations, as well as in conditions of its active presence in the World Ocean.
They promised to meet the demands of SDF in additional armaments, he concluded.
He added in a press statement to Russian media that "Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu promised that all armament requests by Iraq will be met soon, adding that Shoigu stressed that Moscow will supply the Iraqi army needs weapons, including stocks of the Russian army .
We need regulations in Europe to fix the way we can use them in air traffic," said Edelstenne at a press conference during a meeting of national armaments directors in Brussels on 29 March.
Colonel Helmut Reda, USAF, is the Chief of the Armaments Cooperation Division at the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force International Affairs.
In Global Gun Grab, Grigg reveals the real intent behind the UN's call for "general and complete disarmament." That intent, he convincingly demonstrates, has much more to do with acquiring a monopoly of power than with eliminating all armaments. Whether the armament in question is a weapon of mass destruction or a Colt Python revolver, the UN seeks a globalized police apparatus that will enable it to impose its will on all the nations and peoples of the Earth.
No other place in the country has the people, facilities, and capabilities to produce air armaments so well.
The Board is also expected to meet regularly at sub-Ministerial level, looking at matters under the responsibility of national armaments and research directors and capability planners.

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