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In all of these, switches are offered in many different configurations and with a choice of five major types: field-effect transistors (FETs), reed relays, armature relays, RF relays, and microwave relays.
The studies of Wheeler (1947; 1950) demonstrated that radioactive iodine (1131) was concentrated in the buccopharyngeal cells and armature of Drosophila gibberosa larva but no concentration of 1131 appeared in its endocrine structures.
In addition to the high-speed photography, electrical impact pins and crushed fiber diagnostics were used to provide temporal information about the armature arrival at the factor-of-two expansion point.
In the inductive-type LPEC, the electrically conducting armature (EA) is a relatively thin copper disk in which eddy currents are induced from the inductor, so that an electrodynamic repulsive force occurs between them.
24 April 2015 - US-based industrial technology company Ward Leonard has acquired US-based maintenance, repair and overhaul company Houma Armature Works, the company said on Friday.
By the end of this year the plant is supposed to produce 30,000 tons of armature.
Being an advanced class, they had already ticed various clay-building techniques, and they had some experience using simple armatures.
Fretton's block, on a site overlooking a canal, is conceived as an armature for a range of uses which change and evolve over time, including work and retail spaces, cafes, a hotel and apartments.
EN's design demonstrates the balancing act of pitting traditional Japanese woodwork against a modernist display armature, all within a soaring corner space.
A brushless, variable-speed motor that uses electronic switches in the armature to control speed and torque has been created by Cleveland-based DynaMotors Inc.