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Functional group Common name Scientific name Cockle Heart cockle Clinocardium nuttallii Crab (true crab) Graceful crab Cancer (Metacarcinus) gracilis Kelp crab Pugettia product Red rock crab Cancer productus Graceful decorator crab Oregonia gracilis Hermit crab Black-eyed hermit crab Pagurus armatus Bering hermit crab Pagurus beringanus Moon snail Pacific moon snail Lunatia lewisii Other benthic Dendronotid nudibranch Dendronotus spp.
Cisneros (2008) placed Scoloparia glyphanodon as the sister-taxon of the Early to early Middle Triassic Sclerosaurus armatus from the Buntsandstein of Germany and Switzerland based solely on the shared presence of dermal armour.
Pacific staghorn sculpin, Leptocottus armatus Belligerent sculpin, Megalocottus platycephalus Shorthorn sculpin, Myoxocephalus scorpius 7 3 Sculpin species, Myoxocephalus spp.
Osmanthus armatus is a species whose wood contains such pit membranes, and a fungus-infected stem of this species was investigated to see whether the thickened tori could also inhibit movement of hyphae from one tracheary element to the next.
Notes sur les Collemboles, avec demembrement des onychiurus armatus, ambulans et fimetarius auctorum.
Neomacrocoris handlirschi armatus Poisson, 1948: Sites & Mbogho 2012: 10-15 (junior synonym).
At this point the Armatus receives the data and feeds them into the Vigilus actuator, the "Gladius': This 800 mm long minimissile with a 440 mm wingspan weighs seven kilos including the one-kilo warhead, which can either generate an explosively formed projectile or act as a fragmentation device.
armatus, and line drawing illustrations are provided for endosomal structures in H.
1940 trivolvis Anallocreadium Aplodinotus Intestine Bangham & armatus grunniens Venard, 1942 A.
Immunological determination of digestive rates in the syntopic scorpions Urodactus armatus Pocock and Urodactus novaehollandiae Peters.