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The armband should be regularly cleaned, and make sure that the liquid does not move within the band or through the hose.
In the above-mentioned processes, patient care is performed after armband NFC technology identification, in such a way that the program running on the mobile device for identification purposes works in close collaboration with the hospital HIS system to provide the patient with the information needed to identify the pati
To be the player with more time in the club because sometimes you have somebody with the armband that doesn't have the qualities to be the captain and is just the captain because he arrived before other players.
We walked into the dressing room and saw the armband next to his place and no-one even blinked.
A group of users associated with the antifa or anti-fascist movement reposted the photo looking for information about the man with the swastika armband.
Wearing the armband is nothing new for Terry, right.
But Herrera is a leading contender as Mourinho reckons that Paul Pogba, 24, needs at least another season to bed in before inheriting the armband.
However, Wales are hoping to replicate what happened in the 4-1 thumping of Norway back in 2011 by at least having the symbol on armbands this time around.
The Karrimor Multi Armband is a simple design that does the simple job it's made for; it stays in place, fits the phone/key/wallet trio, but keeps them compact enough not to get in the way as you arm-pump up the hill.
O'Neill revealed he could take the captain's armband from Robbie Keane, who's worn it since 2007, but says he and his team mates could learn from the Hoops boss how to become a skipper without being captain.
The technology behind the armband is explained on the Thalmic Labs website.