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In Lichauco's vignette, an etagere is flanked by Art Deco armchairs with corresponding brass tables topped with black lacquer.
SPLURGE Highlander Tartan armchair in Modena Aubergine and Kintyre Lavender PS814 from Feather & Weave, www.
The armchair, by Irish designer Eileen Gray, fetched 19.
This "Cube' armchair is an elegant expression of solidity and simplicity.
The third surviving son of King John of Portugal from the House of Aviz, Henry earned the nickname under which he has gone down in history by becoming one of the most successful armchair travellers there has ever been.
Nothing is straightforward to the armchair analyst.
I READ with absolute amazement your piece on armchair fans.
Michelle Zehnle relaxes in her favorite armchair, which she used as a focal point in her living room (above right).
The researchers administered a nicotine nasal spray to individuals performing light work -- in this case pedaling an exercise bicycle modified to allow easy pedaling while subjects remain seated in a comfortable armchair.
In a neutrally designed room, with calming shades of cream or grey, a spot of brightness always works well - this is where a beautiful armchair can really hold its own.