armed response vehicle

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armed response vehicle (ARV)

a police vehicle staffed by specially trained officer who are prepared to deal with firearms matters at any time. Typically staffed by a driver and operator and an observer, they can call upon further armed support. See SPECIALIST FIREARMS OFFICER.
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The armed response vehicle was pursuing a silver Chrysler after reports of an aggravated burglary in Dagenham just after 6am on Saturday.
A local armed response vehicle unit was sent to the scene and officers made contact with the man on Lockyer Street.
Police requested help from an Armed Response Vehicle and two vehicles, with a total of four armed officers on board, were sent to the scene.
Armed response vehicle crews were called immediately, a police spokeswoman said.
A statement by Cleveland and Durham Road Policing Unit read: "An armed response vehicle saw the silver Saab below towing the red quad, when they tried to stop the convoy the Saab took off at speed, the tow rope snapped and the quad's disqualified rider was nabbed for driving offences and on suspicion of theft of the quad."
The resident who did not want to identified, said: "About 8.15am there was an X5 armed response vehicle outside the house.
An armed response vehicle was even sent to Dalkeith Miners' Welfare Social Club in Midlothian.
Shortly afterwards, an armed response vehicle tried to stop a Chrysler in Stratford.
They escaped the scene in a silver Chrysler, which failed to stop for officers in an armed response vehicle in Stratford town centre.
Former police inspector Mr Warner told members of the authority's human resources committee: "North Wales is a huge geographical area and an armed response vehicle (ARV) could be dealing with an incident in Wrexham when another arises in Caernarfon.
The force's armed response vehicle was called out 84 times last year and arrested 42 people and seized 22 weapons.
Sadie Stevens was injured at a pedestrian crossing ten days ago in Birmingham as the police armed response vehicle was answering a 999 call.