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Finally, Dr Armer may be under the impression that I am opposed to grammar schools per se.
Prosecutor Tim Storrie said: "Stacey, in distress, but lucid and sensible, told officers in clear terms that she had been attacked by Terrence Armer.
Armer said diners will find that the atmosphere changes a bit during evening hours.
Clr Armer says he wants to move 'Kirkburton Parish Council away from party political ideology.
Our combined on-track/online program for BAM Racing sponsors will continue to evolve and grow with each new season," commented Larry Erdos, CEO of ARMER Holding LLC.
A KNH spokesman said: "We picked up the issues Mrs Armer has raised during a recent estate inspection.
Ministry Inspector Sir Frederick Armer is third from right Picture: DAILY POST ARCHIVE
Joan Armer and family, a labrador and rottweiler owner, Aintree
The chief architect of the new program, ARMER Holding (ARMER), found it necessary to "look outside the box" in addressing revenue generation in a sport addicted to high dollar sponsorships.
CLR Bill Armer (Conservative, Kirkburton ward) stated he would be obliged to me if I could explain to him in small detail what I meant by saying he could claim all of the allowances I referred to.
Cafe owner Alison Armer said workmen yesterday unexpectedly set up a compound in a nearby car park to "dump" tonnes of aggregate stones for collection by noisy wagons.
Joel's mother Kellie Armer was jailed for two years at Liverpool crown court on Tuesday.