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Bright and early the following morning, I'd go back to the roundhouse and put an armful of wood in the engine, dump some oil and oil-saturated waste on the wood and light this mess.
Out too with supermarket rows, queuing, fumbling in the rain for a pound coin for the trolley and ending up with an armful of cheap clothes you don't need thanks to their subtle product placement that gets you when you first walk in.
Queuing at the check-outs with an armful of Madonna items, Magda Grabowik, 32, from Balham in London, said: "I have bought the white coat, leather jacket and dresses.
As he came off the ice clutching an armful of flowers on his way to the dressing room, Curry said, 'It all went properly.
Now, you can find better things,'' she said, an armful of bags already hanging from her elbow.
Let's hope all our athletes enjoy the Games too - and bring home an armful of medals.
Another armful competes to tell us of fabulous prizes we have already won in competitions we haven't entered.
A generous armful of calla lilies will score big with your date or hosts.
If an armful of new computer games, or (lucky you) a new computer was under your Christmas tree this year, you may be wondering how to set up your new computer so that the games and graphics run blazingly fast.
He said: "She had an armful of bricks of cash - as much as she could carry.
The second half was swathed in incident, including a 22-man punch-up, two players sent off and an armful of bookings.
Well, they do when you're armed with an armful of everyday household objects and a bag load of rhythm.