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More on Jessica: Aside from being the world's first licensed armless pilot, she's the first armless black-belter in the American Taekwondo Association.
Above, the Cloud three-seater armless sofa is oversized luxury in a completely uncluttered style; and right, the Airfoil Rectangular desk is fun, practical and a real show-stopper
We were armless during our procession, and they shot us after we ended our procession, the whole world knew our history, we have never armed ourselves.
Cox, 31, the first licensed armless pilot in the United States, traces her roots to Guiuan, Eastern Samar, specifically to a barrio named Bobon, Mercedes.
This fairly wide-bottomed and armless upholstered chair had a specific purpose in times past.
13), if they can even manage to access the low, hard, armless, backless, benches, they'll not be able to sit and admire the windfarm or wall for long.
Summary: Armless Afghan teenager dreams of winning a gold in the next Paralympics.
26-years-old Ostalowski has not give up his passion for racing despite the fact that he has been left armless after the accident happened when he was a child.
uk, 0845 675 9090) I found the faux leather armless Ripple Rocker, which is 53cm wide and costs from pounds 129.
I'm that poor armless fellow's brother, and I'd like to apply," he said.
London, June 18 (ANI): An armless archer, who has already attracted international attention after qualifying for the National U.