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He then carried the stalks to the next hill and repeated the process until he had an armload.
got tired of carrying around an armload of books to recommend to his students of risk analysis, and started looking for a single one that had all the essential introductory material.
She arrived with good cheer and an armload of macaroni and cheese.
The wife had to panic and rush up and down the hillside brandishing an armload of metal stakes and old electric fencing tape to map out the border of our land up against our neighbours.
Needing to understand problems with the flow of materials, I emerged from IMA headquarters in Montvale with an armload of books on the theory of constraints.
Doc, it's me, buddy," I shout, dropping an armload of dirty, stinking camo by the laundry room and a dirty shotgun in my office.
I've probably not done anything where my emotions were so overwhelmed when I was performing a task," Schwait said of calling up each student by name to give them an armload of presents.
Recently, the 'Six Million Dollar Man' star was leaving a post office in Beverly Hills when he spotted a woman struggling with an armload of dry cleaning at her car.
And should the bus pick you up at home, leave the Louis Vuitton in the closet and simply transfer your personals by the armload directly from your boudoir into the zillions of drawers throughout.
They look at a phenomenon such as the MCA from the viewpoint of experience and see the government grabbing the biggest armload of power that it can to intimidate and terrorize enemies, real and imagined.
So Edwards returned to his shop with a box of gears--new ones and ones used in the previous years' production, as well as an armload of prints.