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After coming back from the seminar with an armload of primary-source documents, Ehrman hopes to do better teaching students who often come into her class knowing little about the Cold War period.
It would be very easy for me to walk out with an armload of essentials.
Seven decades later 1 the torpedo catches up to you, ripping through your heart, and you sink into a moonless sea like the six thousand tons of the San Jacinto, Ramon Castillo and his shovel full of coal, Antonio Cortez and his armload of plates.
27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Any retail store that sells luxury items can be a target for desperate criminals-just an armload of merchandise can be worth thousands.
Made from tough, ballistic grade nylon, the Campfire Carrier can transport an armload worth of wood in one hand, allowing the outdoorsman to carry other equipment or another load of wood in the other hand.
Dodging raindrops, Kate ran with an armload of clothes into the farmhouse nestled on the hill above Honey Creek.
got tired of carrying around an armload of books to recommend to his students of risk analysis, and started looking for a single one that had all the essential introductory material.
We're all been guilty of grabbing a great armload of the latest hit novels, deciding only once we've made it home which of your lucky family members will get the Howard Jacobson and who bags the Peter Carey.
She arrived with good cheer and an armload of macaroni and cheese.
The wife had to panic and rush up and down the hillside brandishing an armload of metal stakes and old electric fencing tape to map out the border of our land up against our neighbours.
Needing to understand problems with the flow of materials, I emerged from IMA headquarters in Montvale with an armload of books on the theory of constraints.
I've probably not done anything where my emotions were so overwhelmed when I was performing a task," Schwait said of calling up each student by name to give them an armload of presents.