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Conservatives NHS in armloads away NHS to It was seriously put forward by right-wing philosophers that the NHS was 'undermining the moral fabric of the nation'.
10 -- After a candlelight vigil, people protesting Brown's death smash car windows and carry away armloads of looted goods from stores.
Stop by Friends of Karen almost any day and you'll see volunteers in action: Girl Scouts stacking games and toys for birthday gifts to sick children or their siblings; corporate employees organizing a giant mailing; retirees wrapping back-to-school packages; or students from a local high school or house of worship dropping off armloads of handmade “birthday in a bag” or spa bags.
(Excel, by the way, is not a population management platform.) The result is that while behavioral health leaders have armloads of anecdotal stories about lives changed, they are unable to clearly demonstrate value in a new healthcare ecosystem that demands it.
When I accompanied him to school on the first morning, partly to help carry the armloads of books he was laden with and partly to see the other mothers from his class who I hadn't seen during the summer, I noticed a group of parents craning their heads to catch sight of their first graders among the crush of children.
Hosoda won armloads of domestic prizes for his two previous features, "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" (2006) and "Summer Wars" (2009).
I stepped out of the camp to get a couple armloads of firewood and a breath of fresh air.
Mitch Winehouse, 60, handed over armloads of tops, as well as jewellery and even her reading glasses, just days after the singer died aged 27.
As well as Aliona's back injury, both she and Countryfile host Matt are relying on armloads of tissues to cope with colds, so they know winning won't be easy.
And just for fun, reverse your perspective: Rather than speculating on just what the injection of food into a performance might signify (Is there redemption in those armloads of vegetables in Buried Child": Why are Glengarry Glen Ross's wheeler-dealers eating egg foo yung?), think about the inherent theatricality of food--the performative nature of its production and distribution, the drama of its global abundance or lack thereof, the infinitely diverse variations involved in its preparation, presentation and consumption.
Along the way, Jamison has garnered armloads of awards--notably, the Kennedy Center Honors, a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography, a National Medal of Arts, France's Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters, a Bessie, and Dance Magazine and Dance Teacher Awards.
As I was saying, in those early days the wife and I would start out as one but I'd end up on a bench reading the newspaper (for the second time) by the time she emerged from behind two armloads of expenditure.