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Italy is Brazil's chief competitor when it comes to armored automobile products, he says.
Reactive armor tiles generally are attached to the exterior of a tank or armored personnel carrier.
Then they received a call from two guards in an armored truck blocks away from the bloodshed, asking whether they could go in to help.
Commercial armored vehicles utilize many of the same technologies and systems as those incorporated in the armored military vehicles produced at the same location.
As part of the frame agreement, the company has already received a first order in the amount of $280,000 for producing armored busses.
The ASV is a 4X4 wheeled armored vehicle that offers exceptional crew protection through the employment of multiple layers of armor that provides defense against small arms fire, artillery projectile fragments, and land mines.
The Armored Knight is the ASV equipped with a sensor package that is used to locate and designate targets for indirect fire and laser guided weapons.
HCF MC AP cable is the first interlocked armored MC cable that meets the redundant NEC grounding requirements in health care facilities.
Americana Program Underwriters (AmPro), a program administrator specializing in affinity and program management, is pleased to announce the creation of a new program designed to meet the commercial insurance needs of the armored car and courier industry.