armored protection

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Contract notice: Ringmount with armored protection including Softmounts, and lightweight Softmounts.
These projects include Armored Protection System for Navy Corvettes and Armored Protection system for Rocket Launch Silos on Navy Frigates and Development of complete Armor for Frigates.
SmarTruck III will provide advanced communications and detection systems while offering up armored protection to withstand terrorist and insurgent roadside attacks.
Combat Logistics Battalion 7, a 1st MLG unit located northwest of here at Al Asad Air Base, used these schematics to build an armored protection system for one of their own TRAMs.
Laminates with Armored Protection provide abrasion and scuff resistance to protect the color clarity, appearance, and durability.
Ford Motor Company of Dearborn, Michigan, has introduced the Lincoln Town Car Ballistic Protection Series for armored protection at a competitive price.
The Stryker Brigades will depend heavily upon information technology, and enhanced intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities;' Boyer explains, "to compensate for their lack of armored protection.
With the JLTV, the Army aims at combining the maneuverability of the Humvee with the armored protection of the MRAP.
Those are the issues that we struggle with in every one of our areas, from individual soldier equipment, to armored protection for our vehicles, to new vehicles, to types and quantities of ammunition we buy.
This contract follows Australia's earlier procurement of the larger Bushmaster vehicle, also used for armored protection and transportation.

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