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Professionals at International Armoring (IAC) determine the best level of protection for each individual depending upon the degree of expected risk to life of a person.
Like Lomasney, he believes that to lower the weight of a vehicle, the key is to use armoring materials that can become part of the structure and therefore reduce the need for applique armor.
The company doesn't release financial details on the Brazilian market, but globally it takes in $1.50 billion a year armoring automobiles, says Alexandre Bet, Centigon O'Gara's business director.
Headquartered in Fairfield, Ohio, O'Gara provides armored products, including ballistic and blast-protected armoring systems for commercial and military vehicles, aircraft and missile components, and security services, including advanced driver training, force protection training, and risk and crisis management.
This single-piece method of construction is crucial because joints in an armoring system create ballistic weak points.