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Noting that many casualties are suffered by crew members when they are riding with their heads and shoulders outside of hatches United Defense developed the Transparent Armoured Gun Shield (Tags) for installation on M1s, Bradleys, Strykers and Humvees.
Bar armour has also been fitted to the sides of the Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle and on the rear of the Challenger 2 tank's hull and turret.
This report attempts to help answer these and other questions in terms of the strategic interests at stake in the European armoured vehicles industry.
1 Global Armoured Vehicle Upgrade & Retrofit Market Forecast Summary 2013, 2018, 2023 ($m, CAGR %) Table 1.
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These add-on armour solutions have since been developed to a further degree and many of the technologies involved have been incorporated in almost all new-build armoured vehicles fielded over the past twenty years.
Chastened by their experiences and heavy losses to Soviet supplied anti-tank weapons in the Yom Kippur War, the Israeli Armoured Corps was keen to find counter measures to protect their existing M48, M60 and Centurion tank fleets.
Armoured Vehicle Upgrade & Retrofit Submarket Forecasts 2013-2023 4.
Decades of shifts in conflict paradigms and the need for adaptability have given the armoured vehicles upgrade & retrofit market more importance than ever before.
Opportunities For Leading Companies Report Details With pressures on defence budgets, upgrades and retrofits to armoured vehicles provide a less costly alternative to new acquisitions.
You will gain an understanding of the armoured vehicles market and learn how it will evolve over the next decade, with detailed global sales forecasts in terms of value (US$) from 2012 to 2022.
3 Development of Larger Transport Aircraft Allow the Fielding of Heavier Medium Armoured Vehicles