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ARMS. Any thing that a man wears for his defence, or takes in his hands, or uses in his anger, to cast at, or strike at another. Co. Litt. 161 b, 162 a; Crompt. Just. P. 65; Cunn. Dict. h.t.
     2. The Constitution of the United States, Amendm. art. 2, declares, "that a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." In Kentucky, a statute "to prevent persons from wearing concealed arms," has been declared to be unconstitutional; 2 Litt. R. 90; while in Indiana a similar statute has been holden valid and constitutional. 3 Blackf. R. 229. Vide Story, Const. Sec. 1889, 1890 Amer. Citizen, 176; 1 Tuck. Black. App. 300 Rawle on Const. 125.

ARMS, heraldry. Signs of arms, or drawings painted on shields, banners, and the like. The arms of the United States are described in the Resolution of Congress, of June 20, 1782. Vide Seal of the United States.

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Micheal Slack, a Foreign Affairs Officer in the Office of Regional Security and Arms Transfers in the Department of State's Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, specializes in arms transfer policy and process.
The athlete's focus over the hurdle is on his arm action in forcing the lead leg down and the trail leg through.
Keep in mind that the opposite arm is bent for faster motion, just as the lead leg must be slightly bent for faster motion (quicker touch-down).
State Department's World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers (WMEAT) report, the arms-export market experienced a sharp reversal.
The main objective certainly is to reduce the arms trade worldwide.
Herbert Calhoun, a senior foreign affairs specialist at the State Department's Bureau of Political-Military Affairs until retiring last November, calls small arms "today's real weapons of mass destruction.
Sadowski's arguments regarding the complexity and seriousness of arms limitations in the Middle East are generally persuasive.
ARMs are not as attractive an investment, however, during periods when interest rates are falling sharply.
Coracobrachialis -- adducts (toward the midline of the body) and flexes the arm.
We do not support measures limiting trade in small arms and light weapons solely to governments.
Siemens ATD has previously decided on the ARM AMBA bus as the preferred interconnection for it's own silicon IP products," said Dr.
After the catch, start the arms with a downward pull, bending the arms at the (high) elbows.