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The patient is described as stuporous but arousable during EEG, and diffuse delta slow waves are superimposed on an alpha rhythm with intermittent diffuse delta bursts.
6 [degrees] C), obtunded female, arousable to painful stimuli with no Babinski or Hoffmann signs.
The buttocks are a sexually arousable area, and most men find pleasure in having their buttocks caressed, and some men also like having them gently slapped.
He was, as described, deeply somnolent and not even arousable to painful stimulation.
Conscious Sedation Desired Goals Maintenance of consciousness Alteration in mood Relaxation Cooperation Elevation of pain threshold Minimal variation of vital signs Some degree of amnesia Decreased verbal communication Initiation of slurred speech Arousable sleep, rapid safe return to baseline Undesirable Effects Loss of consciousness Respiratory depression Hypotension Apnea Unarousable sleep Severely slurred speech Agitation Combativeness
He was lethargic but arousable and oriented to person, time, and place.
If you sit with your back to the wall while reading a murder mystery or check all the locks twice after seeing "Friday the 13th," it might be because you are a highly arousable person-someone who tends to be distracted by noise and very bothered by changes in the weather.
There are empirical indications that introverts evidence greater sympathetic autonomic arousal than extraverts (Coles, Gale, & Kline, 1971; Geen, 1984; Sadler, Mefferd, & Houck, 1971), that introverts are more excitable or arousable than extraverts in response to given levels of stimulation (Geen, 1984), and that the optimal level of stimulation needed to produce a preferred level of physiological arousal may be lower for introverts than for extraverts (Eysenck, 1967).
The initial examination revealed an obtunded, mildly obese woman who was barely arousable by loud noises, name calling, or sternal rub.
Results showing that 60% of patients in dexmedetomidine and ropivacaine group with better and easily arousable sedation when compared to fentanyl and ropivacaine group was only 10%.
Grading of sedation was evaluated by five-point scale, that is, 1 = alert and wide awake, 2 = arousable to verbal command, 3 = arousable with gentle tactile stimulation, 4 = arousable with vigorous shaking, and 5 = unarousable.
falciparum parasitemia level of 7% and a 2-day history of fever, myalgia, vomiting, and rapid deterioration of consciousness into an arousable coma.