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sup][3] observed that EEG arousals fragment sleep and affect sleep quality, causing daytime sleepiness, restlessness, inattention, poor school performance, and development of aggressive personality traits.
Many workers have recognized the significance of EEG arousals in SDB children: the RAI is higher in OASHS than PS children, and as an indicator of EEG arousal, it can effectively reflect the extent of sleep fragmentation associated with various grades of illness.
Non rapid eye movement sleep arousal parasomnias include confusional arousals, sleep terrors (pavor nocturnus) and sleepwalking (somnambulism).
Confusional arousals can occur throughout the night but are seen most commonly during the first half of the major sleep period when NREM density is highest.
Normally, these nocturnal events trigger awakening or arousal from sleep, which leads to a swallow reflex.
In both the subjects with GERD and the healthy control subjects who had taken placebo, a nocturnal acid reflux event caused arousal or awakening 89% of the time.
Their arousal responses during daytime sleep were monitored and compared with that of healthy infants who were born to non-smoking mothers.
Triggers for Confusional Arousals include anything that either fragments sleep or else enhances slow wave sleep.
Although all of the infants were within the normal range on the mental development test, we found a negative relationship between the number of times per hour that the snore-related arousals occurred, and the infant's score on the mental development index.
Hibernators must have compelling adaptive reasons for interrupting torpor with bouts of arousal, says Martin, because warming a chilly body bums considerable energy.
It also causes a brief arousal ("microarousal") that terminates the apnea.