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The findings of the study presented a possible new link between temperature, sleep arousals and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), the sudden, unexplained death during sleep of children under one year of age.
Arousal can cause transient elevation of blood pressure [4, 8] and repetitive arousals attenuate the blood pressure dipping at night [9].
From the [Table 1], we found that the EEG arousals indices were significantly different between SDB and control groups ( P < 0.017).
Earlier these arousals were considered to be harmful perturbations, disturbing sleep.
Arousals are sometimes externally induced by disturbance resulting from exposure to air currents (Pflitsch & Piasecki 2003), heat, light, sounds and physical contact (Davis 1970, Speakman et al.
After the arousal ran its course she would then silently sleep and I would spend the next hour getting all the other children settled down!
Confusional arousals can occur throughout the night but are seen most commonly during the first half of the major sleep period when NREM density is highest.
Normally, these nocturnal events trigger awakening or arousal from sleep, which leads to a swallow reflex.
Although all of the infants were within the normal range on the mental development test, we found a negative relationship between the number of times per hour that the snore-related arousals occurred, and the infant's score on the mental development index.
Hibernators must have compelling adaptive reasons for interrupting torpor with bouts of arousal, says Martin, because warming a chilly body bums considerable energy.
The number of arousals from sleep decreased significantly and each subject's lowest oxygen saturation value rose significantly the investigators said (N.
None provided microsleep structure or arousals [Table 1].{Table 1}