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Finally, and perhaps most central to al-Nawwab's project as a poet, is the very concerted dedication to the composition, orchestration and performance of poetry that is meant to stir and agitate his audience, to provoke and arouse a wide range of emotions - childlike wonderment, nostalgic longing, sensuous arousal, disgust, rage - all in some way meant to be intimately related back to the fate of the contemporary Arab World as a matter of urgent collective concern.
2 : to move (someone) to act, create, or feel emotions : arouse <The Senator's comments inspired me to write a letter.>
Laura Hickey's Mysterious Chills and Thrills will arouse the imaginations of the young adult fiction audience, speaking to six-year-olds and up in language natural to that age group.
Its characters arouse sympathy because of their comically flawed humanity, not because they are abstract symbols of class or nationality.
Many poems rely heavily on conjunctions and articles that do little to arouse the senses.
It is like standing in front of a TV screen giving off an impossible image: the All and Nothing that, for a moment, reciprocally arouse each other.
The story is one of zoo buildings and parks changing to give an impression of apparent liberty; as the authors observe, 'While cage d animals, imprisoned and diminished, provoke mockery, species in semi-liberty retain their dignity and arouse interest'.
"It can arouse interest," he said quoting Cardinal Ratzinger, "especially because it does not reproduce one or another private opinion, but it formulates the answer which comes from the great communitarian experience of the Church of all centuries."
2 : to arouse and hold the concern, curiosity, or attention of <This movie doesn't interest me.>
Likewise, suggestive intercuts to paintings of nude sylphs and grinning goblins arouse your not-se-buried longing to believe in a wild, free wor ld that never heard of the Nasdaq.
Aware of the storm of criticism this book may arouse, Mr.
1 : to arouse the interest or curiosity of <The mystery intrigues me.>