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Morison, and had again aroused his foreman and was making preparations to set forth in investigation when he had seen the party approaching across the plain.
How long he had been buried in this stupor he knew not, but he was suddenly aroused from it by a strange, unexpected crackling sound.
Everything seemed so futile and insignificant in comparison with the stern and solemn train of thought that weakness from loss of blood, suffering, and the nearness of death aroused in him.
The noise of the battle in the adjoining enclosure had aroused them from slumber and awakened in their half formed brains vague questionings and fears.
In some occult, subtle way a warning that all was not well had penetrated his sleep and aroused him.
It was this, perhaps, that aroused old hunting memories in Wolf.
Then he introduced the Scarecrow, who did a sword-swallowing act that aroused much interest.
The great size of it, and the curious situation in which it was placed, aroused a moment's languid curiosity in me.
This had been sounding monotonously in his ears for hours, and only its cessation could have aroused his notice.
I was glad to have aroused in him a suspicion of error.
Now and again I fitfully slept, but the pain of the cold always aroused me.
All simultaneously generated engrams are associated; there is also association of successively aroused engrams, though this is reducible to simultaneous association.