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Following this, he asked Gordon if she was sexually aroused or not.
By contrast, young men who like babies more are less sexually aroused by novel sexual stimuli--for example, erotic content--but they presumably enjoy sex more in the context of stable monogamous relationships with partners they know well.
But if women have exciting thoughts in their sleep they can become aroused in just the same way as when they are awake - getting a lubricated vagina and even reaching orgasm.
But it should be recalled that banning of PCBs and similar substances was based solely on the fears aroused by their stability.
But for whatever reason, Sudan's decision to kill people on the basis of tribe and skin color has aroused mostly yawns around the globe.
The Dutch Defence Ministry and airport authorities said the pilot had radioed for permission to return and asked for an escort of jet fighters when the crew's suspicions were aroused by several passengers.
Let us leave aside suspicions aroused by the fact that the source of the research is the conservative Heritage Foundation and by the fact that it is the average income of the neighborhood rather than that of the actual recruit that is used.
What Clooney tells The Advocate that is not hilly explained in his movie is that the Army's fury was aroused for another very specific reason: McCarthy's closeted lieutenant, Roy Cohn, had tried to strong-arm the military into reassigning a handsome young man whom Cohn fancied [see page 58].
Crash was filmed mostly in the middle of the night, mostly on generous stretches of expressway that David Cronenberg had somehow persuaded the city to shut down for nights on end last fall so he could make a movie about people who are sexually aroused by car wrecks.
She's begun to engage in what is called "race play" or "racial play"--that is getting aroused by intentionally using racial epithets like the word "nigger" or racist scenarios like a slave auction.
The part, an engine cooling pipe, illustrated the growing sophistication of water injection and has aroused considerable interest among European auto makers.