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When you wonder what Washington bigshots worry about when they clearly are not worried about your problems, you may be sure that defending or securing a privileged parking place is high on the list that arouses their deepest feelings.
The resulting interruptions in oxygen flow to the brain and heart cause the lungs to work harder, finally tripping a fight-or-flight reflex that arouses the sleeper just enough to catch his or her breath.
There are about as many ways to engage in BDSM as there are theories for why it arouses.
As a rising star she arouses the jealousy of Paradice (Ramona Keller), a sassy vixen whose big hit song, "Superlover," boasts of her bisexual lusts.
This biography arouses no envy, although one must acknowledge Shakur's resilience.
It said: "It was decided that for the safety of the students it would be beneficial to remove the obligation to wear this attire that so arouses these sick individuals.
This arouses the ire of the abstemious priest, Renaud, who also suspects she may be a witch.
But it certainly arouses some suspicions that during the negotiations process Arun Baheti, the DOIT's e-government chief, accepted a $25,000 check from Oracle once the deal was inked.