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In contrast, low arousing positive or negative images like a flower or mop tend to have the opposite effect: Most people report that mildly positive images seem to last longer than mildly negative ones do.
The experience of more vivid perception of emotionally important images seems to come from a combination of enhanced seeing and gut feeling driven by amygdala calculations of how emotionally arousing an event is," says Todd.
Or try to think about anything that isn't at all arousing.
As arousing as that scene might be for some, it is downright repulsive for others.
The story is beautifully told, arousing sympathy for each member of the family caught in this web, but especially for Nina and her father Henry.
Researchers at Emory University, Atlanta, scanned the brains of 14 men and 14 women as they viewed sexually arousing and neutral photos (Nat.
A new study in England suggests that the same biological process that aids recall of emotional experiences also blocks memories of what happened just before those arousing occurrences took place.
Consciously connecting it to the other painting and architectural fittings in the corridor, arousing our curiosity concerning the individuals who might share its space, she is the artist turned art detective, tracking her work and the details of its new existence.
John Bloom, is the nation's premier reviewer of B movies and exploitation cinema--the blood-soaked, sex-laden fare that turns off genteel critics while arousing moralizing politicians.
The diminished duo wander aimlessly around Los Feliz - hitting the Vista Theater and the restaurant Mexico City - while recalling, in flashbacks, the popular mythology behind the show (Ward's gorged green Robin briefs arousing consternation among some viewers; the infamous ego-fueled backstage bickering).
To select film clips for the study, a team of male and female graduate students from The Kinsey Institute for Research Sex, Gender and Reproduction screened adult films to select film clips that they personally found to be highly sexually arousing.
One of the points the film makes is that otherworldly creatures, whether real or not, fire up the imagination, arousing a sense of wonder and beauty in a world driven by the gadget marketplace and passionless rationalism, Writing at the beginning of the Industrial Age, Charles Dickens insisted, "It is a matter of great importance that fairy tales should be respected.