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ARPENT. A quantity of land containing a French acre. 4 Hall's Law Journal, 518.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Other volunteers who gave so many hours of their time include Marilyn Hildreth, Linda Smith, Jan Mallak, Barbara Hoteling, Eiris Balwin, Cheryl Coleman, Penny Simkin, Robin Elise Weise, Jeanine Estrada, Jan Tedder, June Connell, Simone Snyder, Lori Fran-Lake, Caroline Schleappi, Brenda Throop, Carla Richebacher, Carol Angello, Christina Rehbein, Elizabeth Merrell Gross, Elizabeth Smith, Virginia Smith, Isabel Puyol Espinosa, Jackie Thingvold, Jeri Rudy, Jill Simon-Sinclair, Judy O'Connor, Julie King, Kathryn Siembieda, Linda Park, Linda Uhrich, Liz Marshall, Lorena Herrera, Mary O'Brien, Polly Perez, Sylvia Chang, Wendy Eson, Zoraida Salas, Sandy Arpen, Vonda Gates, Patti Heimlich, Janice Hoefert, Donna Walls, Aimee Eaton, Marsha Barrett, Jenny Rodriquez.
According to the Arpen Group, a firm in California hired by Utopia to oversee planning for its project, the site is perfect because some 18m children live within a 600-mile radius and other big theme park developers would have used it if not for fears about the weather.
The celebs, who are yet to be named, will sh arpen their skills at the Toon Army's training ground in Benton.