arrange beforehand

See: prearrange
References in classic literature ?
Another fellow I knew went for a week's voyage round the coast, and, before they started, the steward came to him to ask whether he would pay for each meal as he had it, or arrange beforehand for the whole series.
"This is not the public's problem, it is something that the ministry needed to arrange beforehand, or when realising that it was above its capacity or ability to tackle," shouted Mr Zainal.
There may be a bit to arrange beforehand. Events around next Saturday's New Moon should prove amazing.
"I would also suggest asking the babysitter to come an hour or so before you are planning to leave and arrange beforehand a fun activity for the children to do with the babysitter.
of bespeak, in a sense of "to speak for, to arrange beforehand," a sense attested in bespeak from 1580s.
If you must go on site, arrange beforehand to avoid accidental exposure to the scene of the incident.
7 Think when you drink - Arrange beforehand to go home with friends, or in a taxi.
Arrange beforehand for a skeleton crew to staff your phones during disasters.