arrange itself

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The matter would arrange itself in precisely the same way," the Prince answered.
Thereafter, I showed how the greatest part of the matter of this chaos must, in accordance with these laws, dispose and arrange itself in such a way as to present the appearance of heavens; how in the meantime some of its parts must compose an earth and some planets and comets, and others a sun and fixed stars.
May it not be caused by a tendency in each stone to arrange itself in some particular position, with respect to the lines of vibration, -- in a manner somewhat similar to pins on a sheet of paper when shaken?
This event apparently allowed for our solar system to arrange itself so resplendently as to allow for Earth and all the wonders it contains to exist.
lt;p>The company is researching ways in which DNA can arrange itself into patterns on the surface of a chip, and then act as a kind of scaffolding on to which millions of tiny carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles are deposited.
Then the group had to arrange itself into shapes like stars and triangles.
Set your standards high, and life will arrange itself to meet those standards.
Where else on earth does a city arrange itself gracefully around a mountain,itself one of the great views - and wonders - of the world.
By pouring the powder charge through a long drop tube, the charge tends to arrange itself more compactly in the case.
Then they suddenly find a group of professional troublemakers to claim that reality should arrange itself for their benefit alone.
Finally, the cast takes a very long time to arrange itself on a huge yellow couch for an utterly predictable family portrait to Leonard Bernstein's "Somewhere.
Two years after that Nixon was on the winning ticket with Eisenhower, and the entire country was beginning to arrange itself on one side or the other.