arrange matters

See: settle
References in classic literature ?
Although he professes to be my enemy I have sympathy for him, and if he is reasonable perhaps we shall arrange matters.
said D'Artagnan, "he is not a bad fellow; I shall arrange matters with him.
Besides, I could spare a day easily to arrange matters with my landlord, and thus save myself the trouble of invading the neighbourhood again.
Besides, mother, you being sole executrix, and having the direction and management of the estate, there remained little business, or I might say none, that I could transact, until you had had time to arrange matters to your satisfaction.
Now, we have noticed that judges in general so arrange matters that their day of audience shall also be their day of bad humor, so that they may always have some one upon whom to vent it conveniently, in the name of the king, law, and justice.
He said that his mind would not be easy until the whole thing was settled, and he begged me to come out to his house at Norwood that night, bringing the will with me, and to arrange matters.
Next she ordered another officer to remove the seals from the warehouse, whilst she presented the captain with a costly diamond, and told him to keep the thousand pieces of gold paid for the olives, as she would arrange matters with the merchant himself.
That would allow officers to arrange matters in a businesslike way and, if necessary, to defer some items to a less busy agenda.
An inhabiting like the one in Ansky's play was "something that happened to you out of despair," Elior says, "because if you'd had the choice to arrange matters differently, you wouldn't need the possession.
Jarndyce is simply relieved of the burden of all that money, with no loss in his ability to arrange matters happily for good characters.
You're the adults, you should be able to arrange matters in a civilised manner.
As such a business interest does not qualify for BPR, the relief was lost - highlighting again the need to do everything possible to arrange matters to get the maximum reliefs.