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The Arrangement is expected to be completed on August 10, 2018, subject to the satisfaction or waiver of the remaining conditions to the completion of the Arrangement, which can only be satisfied on the closing date.
the phrase 'reimbursement or other expense allowance arrangement' means an arrangement that meets the requirements of paragraphs (d) (business connection), (e) (substantiation), and (f) (returning amounts in excess of expenses) of this section."
Cross licensing arrangements generally involve two parties licensing a group of patents or other intellectual property.
An OIG advisory opinion is a legal opinion issued by the OIG to a party about its fraud and abuse authorities to the party's proposed business arrangement.
Many now are putting together business plans that include flexible work arrangements and setting goals to become the "employer of choice."
Slide some pennies around on a table, and it quickly becomes clear that exactly six pennies can kiss a central penny, forming a hexagonal arrangement.
In a fronting arrangement, the fronting carrier will cede its premium, forgo the concomitant investment income and will still be required to maintain adequate reserves.
SDLI Arrangement Defined--Under these proposals, an SDLI arrangement is defined, generally, as any arrangement that is not part of a group term life insurance plan described in IRC Sec.
* SNFs may not have a great amount of leverage when trying to negotiate their arrangement with the laboratory.
The arrangement comes under the umbrella of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).
Seven states have reciprocal contractual arrangements with New York, and with minimal effort, licensed New York brokers may obtain reciprocal brokerage licenses.
These mixed messages fuel concerns about whether a flexible work arrangement does in fact facilitate both a fulfilling career and a satisfying family life.