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However, these facts do not demonstrate the absence of a reimbursement arrangement.
CLAs are also used in co-development arrangements where two or more parties make available pre-existing IP to develop a commercially viable product, the Institute said.
A party that receives a favorable advisory opinion is protected from OIG administrative sanctions if the arrangement is conducted in accordance with the submitted facts.
If the plan says the executive can spend $5,000 on planning and can carry over any unused funds to a subsequent year, the arrangement would be considered deferred compensation.
The hexagonal pattern can be extended to the entire tabletop Since antiquity, mathematicians have considered this arrangement to be the densest-possible two-dimensional sphere packing, but their intuition was mathematically proved only in the early 20th century.
SDLI Arrangement Defined--Under these proposals, an SDLI arrangement is defined, generally, as any arrangement that is not part of a group term life insurance plan described in IRC Sec.
SNFs may not have a great amount of leverage when trying to negotiate their arrangement with the laboratory.
From the hospital's perspective, the leasing arrangement improves access to a vertical continuum of care and to transitional programs for its hospital in-patients.
Every bank account and escrow and trust arrangement must be checked regular.
Book "interest" accruals or investment earnings credits were permitted, as long as the arrangement remained unfunded and unsecured.