arrangement for disposal

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The force will also oversee cleanliness and hygienic conditions, arrangement for disposal of medical waste and security arrangements.
Tenders are invited for Making arrangement for disposal of rain water in east court yard central reference library, university of delhi
Before CERCLA Section 127, courts interpreted "arranger" liability fairly broadly and held that the sale of a used but valuable product, such as scrap and recyclable material, is an arrangement for disposal for which there is statutory environmental cleanup liability.
arrangement for disposal. (28) These two cases represent the current
or is not an arrangement for disposal under CERCLA.
The DC would also find out whether some donor had donated the land for the rural scheme and in the meantime the DC should ensure a temporary arrangement for disposal of drainage.
Tenders are invited for Preparation & Readiness Of The Empty Waste Containers, Transfer Of Containers And Chemicals For Processing, Collection Of Filled Containers, Unloading, Feeding Of The Radioactive Waste Containers, Making Arrangement For Disposal Of Processed/ Receipt Waste Collected In Drums, At Rsms, Trombay.
Tenders are invited for Arrangement For Disposal Of Solid Waste At Sasti Township.
Tenders are invited for Making arrangement for disposal of waste water from wards /washing to ETP at AAA Govt.
Tenders are invited for Making arrangement for disposal of storm water near Ajmal Khan Park at East Park Road In Connection With Annual repair and Maintainance Operation various road under PWD Sub Division M-1113 during 2015-16
Tenders are invited for Laying of RCC Pipe line with manholes for making alternate arrangement for disposal of drainage water from Sarai kale khan colony to Barapula nala