arrangement of parts

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There is always the same internal woodwork, the same logical arrangement of parts. Whatever may be the carved and embroidered envelope of a cathedral, one always finds beneath it--in the state of a germ, and of a rudiment at the least--the Roman basilica.
An effort has been made to ensure that the coverage of the subject is comprehensive and arrangement of parts and chapters is logical.
1 : an arrangement of parts in a structure or a work of art <The design of the house suits a large family.>
According to Anne Hass in Configuration Management Principles and Practices, configuration "derives from the Latin com-, meaning 'with' or 'together,' and figurare, 'to form.'" Loosely interpreting that, she says, configuration means "to form from a relative arrangement of parts." Hass defines configuration management as the "unique identification, controlled storage, change control, and status reporting of selected intermediate work products, product components, and products during the life of a system."
Were my attempts successful in the arrangement of parts on the page?
In one respect the new iMac offers what looks like a much simpler internal arrangement of parts, with the hopeful result that it will be easier to upgrade.
But the whole is a subtle, complex arrangement of parts, spaces and elements, a masterly exercise in creating a variety of discrete and defined areas, each with its own character and spatial qualities and each with a precise role to play in forming and articulating the larger composition.
2 : an arrangement of parts that give form or support to something <the frame of a house>
Student works were evaluated on the basis of: harmonious use of color, paper cutting and paper sculpture skills, pleasing variety of parts, and balanced, unified arrangement of parts.