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There's room enough, though I have to sit nearly in the middle, else the boat won't trim," returned Laurie, as if he rather liked the arrangment.
"There were necessary security arrangment for the Babri mosque but I couldn't save it from demolition," said Singh said.
This was because Elliot's converting supplier had decided to withdraw its services as the arrangment was no longer profitable.
I find this nonsensical arrangment by the BBC very colloquial
"(A new funding arrangment) would allow us to develop and promote our municipalities to attract people to the North," Burrows says.
Or the updating arrangment may be worked out by the vendor and the nursing home on a case-by-case basis, depending on what seems most suitable for both parties.
Tenders are invited for construction of seating arrangment at new parisad hall at ward no.30
Her first arrangement was a recycled pot which she filled with garden flowers and she then recycled a satellite dish, using sunflowers, and followed that with an all-red arrangment on recycled lead roofing.
Tenders are invited for Seasonal arrangment in mc machiwara 2019-20
Tender notice number : jhar foos arrangment in mc gehri distt AmritsarID:2019_DOA_31953_1
Tenders are invited for seasanoal arrangment in mc khanna
Tender notice number : SEASANOAL ARRANGMENT IN MC KILARAIPUR 2019-20ID:2019_DOA_29981_1