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Not that I feel the least indebted, upon this score, to my exceedingly weak-minded parents, who, beyond doubt, would have made an arrant genius of me at last, if my guardian angel had not come, in good time, to the rescue.
When that publicity has been so intense, and over such a long time, that is arrant cobblers.
HAT arrant nonsense it is to suggest that the health of the nation is not connected to excellence by Britain's finest sportsmen and women.
As reporter George Rosie rightly pointed out, this was arrant racism.
SIR - whaT arrant nonsense and ridiculous hyperbole the Defence Secretary John Hutton used when he compared the threat to this country from Afghanistan to that posed by Germany in two world wars.
When Mr Wallace was asked why the tax-payers should shell out for this piece of arrant nonsense, the Lib Dem chief, blushed brightly suggesting perhaps it wasn't his idea in the first place.
A GOVERNMENT minister yesterday slammed as ``utter arrant nonsense'' newspaper reports that delegates are enjoying banquets and drinking champagne while discussing poverty at the Earth Summit.
Some years ago as a cub writer in the 80s, with shoulder pads bigger than my ability, I was harangued by a brilliant and seasoned columnist of staggering scruffiness who was at pains to point out to me that only the 'nouveau riche' and common worried about appearance and to the truly well bred such trivialities were deemed arrant nonsense.
It is, of course, the kind of arrant nonsense we have come to expect from a man who has shot animals as rare and beautiful as tigers, yet sets himself up as a conservationist.
But Beautys shifting hind- quarters were uncomfortably near the saddle-room door and Lucy was an arrant coward in the matter of a horses hind legs.
So-called successful schools could go on massaging their collective egos and blazoning their illusory public images without embarrassment were it not for the arrant hypocrisy of their position.
Speaking on GMTV, he said: "This is utter arrant nonsense.