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'The Duterte presidency is engrossed in its constitutional duty of serving and protecting the Filipino people, that it has no time to waste in responding to the latest anti-Duterte statement of Jose Maria Sison, other than saying that it is another arrant raving and incorrigible ranting coming from an aging armchair passe rebel whose illusory vision has outsprinted the ticking hands of time,' Panelo said in a statement on Monday.
Douglass heard a lot of arrant nonsense from American socialists.
Kingsley's pipeline division typically installs carbon steel pipe in diameters from two to 16 inches, HDPE pipe from two to 54 inches, and composite and Zap-Lok pipe of diameters from two to six inches," said Daniel Arrant, Kingsley vice president.
April 5, 2013 (JUBA) - South Sudan's army has denied any knowledge of the detention and arrant release of Telephone Kuku, a former Nuba Mountain General, who was first detained in Juba, before the nation split from Sudan in July 2011.
Dwyer's smarting social conscience is similarly apparent in FOOD, 1990-2012, composed of four galvanized trash cans reconfigured to form the shape of large sans-serif letters, a signifier of the arrant waste generated by American over-privilege.
The other members of the squad were eighth-graders Mollie Sullivan and Kassandra Michalak and freshman Erin Arrant, who all played forward.
But he's uniquely frustrating because of the way his books combine arrant cobblers with smatterings of sense.
Director of Photography is Boa Simon (Summer Campbell) and Costume Designer is Shannon Arrant of Tatterdemalion Shoes.
There are also large numbers of sheep and cattle producers in Warwickshire, especially around Southam, and his suggestion that Warwickshire has been 'turned into an arable desert' is offensive, arrant nonsense from a man who really should know better.
"The 45-year sentence was fitting considering his prior DWI history," arrant County Assistant District Attorney Erin Cofer said, reported Fox.
For the mouthpieces of capitalism to say we are all in this together is arrant lies and nonsense.