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ARREARAGE. Money remaining unpaid after it becomes due as rent unpaid interest remaining due Pow. Mortgages, Index, h.t.; a sum of money remaining in the hands of an accountant. Merl. Rep. h.t.; Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.

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Using arrearage amount as a proxy for wealth (the link between arrearage and wealth is discussed in detail in Section VI), we find that customers with lower level of wealth tend to experience greater electricity reduction after the switch.
Step Four: Arriving at the Total Amount of Interest Owed--Add all amounts separately calculated in steps one, two, and three as described above to determine the total interest for all past due support arrearage payments.
C) the obligor's support arrearage and retroactive support payment schedule; and
To forecast the behavior of malicious arrearage in telecom industry based on outlier detection in data mining, is to find the abnormal customers from the large customer data set who have high-level call fees in short period of time and leave in arrears at last.
Bank Financial (In re McDonald), the original Chapter 13 plan listed the amount of the pre-petition arrearage, which was less than the amount of the arrearage listed in the creditor's records.
It is ironic, if not poignant, that fifty years after the appointment of MacLeish, a new Library of Congress encountered a distressing similar situation - an arrearage of startling proportions and LC procedures much as Osborn had described.
If a delinquency accrues after the order establishing, modifying, or enforcing the obligation has been entered and there is no order for repayment of the delinquency or a preexisting arrearage, a payor shall deduct an additional 20 percent of the current support obligation or other amount agreed to by the parties until the delinquency and any attorneys' fees and costs are paid in full.
If you are like most attorneys who practice family law, you have file cabinets filled with uncollected child support arrearage judgments.
Last year, estimated credits were provided on the bills and then debited later, causing a flurry of default and arrearage notices and flipping properties into the tax lien sale list because the computer read the open amounts as coming from the year the debit was applied to.