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A sum of money that has not been paid or has only been paid in part at the time it is due.

A person who is "in arrears" is behind in payments due and thus has outstanding debts or liabilities. For example, a tenant who has not paid rent on the day it is due is in arrears.

Arrears may also refer to the late distribution of the dividends of cumulative preferred stock.

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n. money not paid when due, usually the sum of a series of unpaid amounts, such as rent, installments on an account or promissory note, or monthly child support. Sometimes these are called "arrearages."

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'Efforts to settle GSIS premium arrearages incurred by the Quezon City government from July 1997 to December 2013 goes as far back as the administration of former Mayor Ismael Mathay Jr.
Hence, a party can appeal a civil contempt finding even though it resides in an order including an arrearage determination, because resolution of the contempt issue will not affect the arrearage determination?
You shall deduct [Choose only one] () the full amount, ()--%, or () none of the income which is payable to the obligor in the form of a bonus or other similar one-time payment, up to the amount of arrearage reported in the Income Deduction Order or the remaining balance thereof, and forward the payment to the State of Florida Disbursement Unit.
Either way, if not addressed, a child support order with mounting arrearage can become a major barrier to successful reentry.
It has encouraged financial self-sufficiency by providing children and families with regular and reliable child support payments, prevented the buildup of unpaid child support before large court-ordered arrearages accrue, and demonstrated that early case-monitoring and intervention deters the nonpayment of child support.
"When someone pays their arrearages, this consists of the owed mortgage payments in addition to their current monthly mortgage, taxes, escrow payments, corporate advances, and attorneys fees that are charged by the mortgage servicer and the substitute trustee who will be receiving the payments."
E took detailed steps to ensure that T's president addressed the deficiency and remained current on the payroll taxes thereafter, steps that might have proved successful if not for the concealment of the continuing arrearages.
Additional sanctions were imposed in the late 1990s because of Pakistan's nuclear testing, the military coup by now president Pervez Musharraf, and arrearages on debt repayment.
The FTB now collects arrearages, but it has been mandated by the state to develop a statewide, automated child support system.