arrest the attention

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Although in a state of perfect repose, and apparently disregarding, with characteristic stoicism, the excitement and bustle around him, there was a sullen fierceness mingled with the quiet of the savage, that was likely to arrest the attention of much more experienced eyes than those which now scanned him, in unconcealed amazement.
Observation research might be the source of the often-cited assertion that the package has scant seconds to arrest the attention of the shopper.
The Ooni pointed out: 'NATOP as a body of thoroughbred professional tour managers and administrators has a responsibility of crafting an appealing brand concept that could arrest the attention and ignite the passion in people to visit and tour Nigeria.
Should not these legally and morally blatant Israeli transgressions arrest the attention of the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia?
It cannot honestly be said that his efforts yielded vibrant or long-lasting results, yet he and some of his followers did produce several works that arrest the attention of open-minded readers for the very reason that they do not partake of the procedures and ideas of other widespread strains of literature of the period--realism, modernism, surrealism, and politically polemical novels.
He urged the government to hold handicrafts exhibition inside and outside the country in an apparent attempt to arrest the attention of international traders, which would go a long way to enhance the business of ancient handicrafts.
In recent years, infographics have become a favorite tool of online marketers looking to arrest the attention of restless Web surfers with eye candy that offers the promise and at least the general shape of fast, numbers-driven epiphany.
Just after Ashwini's gold medal, it was Joseph Abraham's turn to arrest the attention of the audience in the 400m hurdles in a manner which has never been seen in recent times from an Indian male runner.
1 million and also pulling its best efforts to arrest the attention of global community towards providing their part of donations.
As Dent stated, he was determined to arrest the attention of the public by writing a biting poem.
The thrust of Shackle's model, as modified by Young, is this: (1) uncertainty is better measured by "degree of surprise" rather than probability; and (2) decision makers weigh potential outcomes and their degree of surprise according to an "ascendancy function" which measures the "power of this pair [i.e., the outcome and surprise] to arrest the attention of the individual." (p.
The new MG company is hoping that its first estate model, the ZT-T, is about to arrest the attention of police forces looking for a new high speed patrol car.